Tablet Coater LHC Semi Perforated Drum

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LHC Coating Systems

The Lodige Coaters offers many advantages:

  • Partially perforated or totally perforated coating drums
  • Gentle film and sugar coating avoiding product damage
  • Effective use of drying energy based on precise air conduction
  • High flexibility of the working volume (30-100%) without modification of the exhaust air system
  • Flame proof construction on demand
  • Customized units

High degree of flexibility due to interchangeable perforations of the partially perforated drum for the following applications :

  • Pharmaceutical products
  • Confectionery
  • Foods
  • Catalysts
  • Electronic components
  • and other formed products

The consistent quality of our products and services is guaranteed by certified processes.

A coating process with a broad range of applications Lodige Coaters operate on the co-current, underpressure principle and are ideal for film and sugar coating of tablets, pellets, granules and other formed products. Drying air is blown into the centre of the drum by an air inlet system projecting into the drum and flows in the same direction as the spray mist of coating solution onto the tablet bed. This process is achieved in Lodige Coaters in both partially perforated coating drums and totally perforated coating drums.

Partially perforated coating drum (closed drum/exchangeable perforations) This coating principle combines all advantages of a conventional coating drum and of a totally perforated coating drum. The Lodige Coater minimizes product abrasion and friction on the product by limiting the number of perforation plates to 4. The remaining drum inner walls are smooth. Only the inside of the drum comes into contact with the product. Because the drum is sealed, the system gives off little heat. Product dust remains in the system and does not enter the outer area of the drum. The perforation formats The particular advantage of the partially perforated coater drum is the fact that different perforation formats can be used universally for all product shapes and can easily be adapted to the process requirements.

The Lodige Coater offers as a standard:

  • an extendable and swivelable spraying arm
  • an internal pharma / technical separation
  • optimized mixing tools
  • air inlet system projecting into the coating drum
  • a completely removable front is available on demand (special execution).

Totally perforated coating drum This coating drum enables inlet air introduction through the air inlet system of the drum or air aspiration via the housing. Due to high air quantity which can be sucked through a suction channel, the coating process disposes of an energy excess ensuring a troublefree and safe process.

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