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Single Pot Mixing Granulator MGT-S

Based on the practice-proven MGT mixing granulator the MGT-S is designed for the additional use as a vacuum dryer. All process steps required for production of granules (mixing, granulating and drying) can now be carried out in one single unit.

  • GMP design
  • Mixing tool can be raised up for easy inspection
  • User friendly controls with predefined process steps
  • Machine ready for connection
  • Also available as Single Pot Mixing Granulator

Typical Applications:

Range of Application

  • Pharmaceutical industry (granulation / drying of tablet masses)
  • Spices industry
  • Cosmetics industry (production of face powder)

Mode of Operation

A three-arm mixing impeller rotates close to the wall and base of the vertical, cylindrical mixing drum. The shape and peripheral speed of the impeller are coordinated in such a way that the product forms a vortex. This achieves the short mixing times and excellent mix quality. If required a separately driven chopper unit disperses any lumps in the product, ensures uniform moistening and granulation. Due to the excellent mixing the drying process achieves a high heat transfer rate from the heated wall to the product. The drying can be further improved by applying vacuum (down to 50 mbar) and the addition of stripping gas (air or inert gas). The optional control package contains a wide range of predefined process steps, which only need to be selected and combined by the operator.


Sizes Model Working Capacity (Liter)
Drive Power (kW)

MGT 30 S

Max. 25


MGT 70 S

Max. 60


MGT 125 S

Max. 100


MGT 250 S Max. 220 13/16
MGT 400 S Max. 360 18,5/25
MGT 600 S Max. 540 32/47
MGT 900 S Max. 750 52/70
MGT 1.200 S Max. 1.000 60/90

Optional Equipment

  • PC/PLC controls
  • Machine jacket for melt granulation
  • Dust-free feeding equipment
  • Controlled granulation point

For further details please visit: www.loedige.de

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